We manage to keep ourselves to high standards regarding car detailing services. And we vow to satisfy our customers’ every need. These services range from basic hand car wash ‘n wax to intricate ceramic coating.

dressing a tire with tire dressing
Our car detailing tech makes sure every tire is dressed to impress!

Complete set of car detailing services to transform your ride to a new look

SUV is covered in foam suds during Premium Wash

Premium Wash

Peel away the dirt and grime with our Premium Wash. Not only will it bring back that showroom shine, but it also will provide the paintwork with the initial layer of protection.

Car Detail 360 is the best car detailing service near me.

Exterior Detailing

Rejuvenate your exterior with our complete exterior detailing service. Pick what you need to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to make your vehicle look its best and satisfy all your car detailing needs.

Alex Chechkin, the owner of Car Detail 360 is detailing an interior of a vehicle.

Interior Detailing

Keep you and your passengers healthy by letting us disinfect the interior of your vehicle. We don’t just clean and vacuum, we deep-clean every nook and cranny.

applying ceramic coating on a car

Ceramic Coating

It’s way more than just wax! Let this miracle product provide superb protection to your vehicle’s paintwork for years. Add strong visual appeal and luster to your painted surface.

Car Detailing Services pricelist

Don't delay - begin the transformation today!

* All prices are subject to change. These are starting price estimates

Premium Wash

Safe & Scratch Free
$ 99
  • Snow foam treatment
  • Double pressure rinse
  • Drying by hand and air

Exterior Detail

Essential Exterior
$ 99
  • Rims, Wheels & Tires
  • All Exterior Surfaces
  • SiO2 Protectant Spray

Interior Detail

Basic Interior
$ 99
  • Carpets & Upholstery
  • Rags & Mats Washed
  • Fabric Protectant Applied

Ceramic Coating

Starting Cost of Material
$ 99
  • Painrt Decontamination
  • Paint Correction & Prep
  • By Appointment Only
Ceramic Coating

The Ultimate Protection For Your Car's Paintwork

What makes ceramic coating so much better?

As with any product, it has its disadvantages. But the cons are quickly overshadowed by the pros and the product's superior qualities and capabilities. Check it out for yourself from all the facts below.

  • Forms a much thicker barrier than wax, which offers significantly more protection against the elements.
  • Lasts up to two years or more before needing a refresh.
  • Resistant to high temperatures, it will protect your car from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • It also protects against bird droppings and other environmental pollutants that can damage the paintwork over time.
  • Coating your car with ceramic material makes cleaning easier – dirt and dust will slide right off without any scrubbing needed!
  • Adds a deep, lustrous shine to your car’s paintwork that makes it look fantastic!
  • Ceramic coating is much more expensive than waxing your car.
  • Ceramic coating takes longer to apply than waxing.
  • You must be careful not to damage the paintwork when applying the ceramic coating.
  • Not everyone can apply ceramic coating correctly – it’s a skill that needs to be learned.
  • The treated layer has a 24-hour curing window. So your car must stay inside for the whole day after the application.
  • If the coating is misapplied or there are flaws, the entire surface will need to be stripped and redone, which can be costly and time-consuming.
optional car detailing services


* custom projects + ceramic coating applications.

1. Decontaminate

The first step in successful paint reconditioning project is to decontaminate the treated surface. Commonly used products include iron removal sprays, industrial fallout removal solutions, and automotive clay.

paint correction as part of paint reconditioning service provided by Car Detail 360

2. Correct

Correcting the paintwork is tedious and time-consuming, but it’s worth it. It helps restore the car’s original slick finish, making it shiny again! The paint correction services focus on deeper swirl marks and scratches.

3. Polish

Once the painted surface has been cleaned and corrected, it’s time to polish. This final step ensures a smooth finish before applying your favorite sealer! When all three phases are finished,  it’s time to apply wax or ceramic sealer, and give your paint second life.

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