Paint Protection

Paint reconditioning services include:

  • Paint dccontamination
  • Paint correction
  • Paint polishing
  • Applying paint sealant

To achieve a perfect finish, the paint has to go through a thorough prep process. We specialize in all the services outlined below:

1. Paint decontamination

The first step in a successful paint reconditioning project is to decontaminate the treated surface. Commonly used products include iron removal sprays, industrial fallout removal solutions, and automotive clay.

2. Paint correction

Correcting the paintwork is tedious and time-consuming, but it’s worth it. It helps restore the car’s original slick finish, making it shiny again! The paint correction services focus on deeper swirl marks and scratches.

3. Paint Polishing

Once the painted surface has been cleaned and corrected, it’s time to polish. This final step ensures a smooth finish before applying your favorite sealer!

When all three phases are finished,  it’s time to apply wax or ceramic sealer and give your paint a second life.

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