Rain is shedding off the windshield we just polished.

Windshield and glass polishing

First, decontaminate windshield glass with a clay bar. Secondly, finish decontamination with a razor blade (optional.) Next, polish the glass using a DA polisher. And last, but not least, seal the glass with the protectant solution. Top reasons to get your windshield professionally polished today! Lessen the strain on your eyes while driving. Improve safety. […]

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right side photo of a headlight after the restoration

Headlight Restoration

Budget-friendly & Effective. Restore headlights permanently. Stop wasting money on expensive treatments that don’t make any difference to your car’s headlights.  Let us help. View Video Are your vehicle’s headlights looking dull and foggy? 🔦 See the amazing transformation of our headlight restoration service in this before and after gallery! 🤩 #headlightrestoration #restoredheadlights #crystalclearlights Look

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interior detailing project featured

Interior Deep-Cleaning

Sanitize your vehicle’s interior and keep everyone healthy. We’ll disinfect your car, so you don’t have to. Car interior deep cleaning is a part of the complete interior detailing. It plays a significant role in making your ride safe and hazard-free for you and your passengers. For the ultimate guide on how to deep-clean and

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Engine Bay Detailing

Increase the resale value of your ride. Plus make it run smoother. Take the stress out of cleaning under the hood! No more worries about causing any damage or harm to delicate equipment in the engine bay. With plenty of experience, we provide fast results with maximum efficiency and guaranteed customer satisfaction – ultimately giving

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