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Car exterior detailing is integral to our services aimed to protect your vehicle and make it last. Your ride is about more than looks. That’s why finding a detailing company that cares about your vehicle is vital. Choose us, and we’ll wash and polish it with extra sparkle – guaranteed!

Exterior detailing overview.


Keep the appearance of your vehicle always like new.

Do you want your automobile to look as good as new? Forget about traditional car washes and try our mobile auto detailing! Not only does it provide a deeper clean, but it also delivers superior results. Trust us, your vehicle will thank you for it!

auto exterior detailing

paintwork and painted finish

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windows & mirrors

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wheels and tires

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rims and wheel wells

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4 exterior plastic trim, including rockers and bumpers 5 of 7 5


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engine bay

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The primary purpose of auto exterior detailing is to restore the outside of a car to a like-new condition. It covers these main areas:
  1. Painted surface and finish
  2. Exterior glass surfaces, including windows and mirrors
  3. Wheels and tires, including rims and wheel wells
  4. Exterior plastic trim, including rockers and bumpers
  5. Headlights
  6. Engine Bay

How to get the exterior envy results?

Below are some of the main steps we go through when detailing our clients' vehicles.

Premium wash and dry

Additional auto exterior detailing services

Exterior extras
All optional services start at $90 and up. Schedule an appointment.
Great Value

The benefits of car detailing stretch beyond just good looks.

Why exterior detailing is so important for you and your vehicle?
Having a beautiful-looking car feels great. But to keep it looking like new year-round takes more effort than washing it every once in a while. That's why car detailing is so important. It goes the extra mile to keep your beloved ride looking sparkling and brand-new.

Detailing your car will make it look shiny and new. It will also make you feel invincible whenever you hop in and hit the open road.

It helps your vehicle to:

Extend its lifespan.
Is your car looking a little worse for wear? Does it look like it is on its last legs despite only a few years old? Detailing could be the panacea you’re trying to find! Auto detailing removes all those pesky contaminants which can break down a car. Or even make it look like it’s ready to retire soon.Detailing helps keep the vinyl, chrome, paint, and leather looking new – forever! Who doesn’t want a car looking as good as when they first bought it – regardless of how much time has passed?! Invest in detailing and give your vehicle an extended lease on life!
Keep its best appearance for longer.
A brand-new car is beautiful: new, clean, and shiny. But it won’t stay that way forever. Soon you’ll notice your car starts to take on a character of its own and looks more lived-in than as good as new. Car detailing can make your car look new again. It is an excellent way to protect your investment.
Improve the overall performance.
Keep your engine running cooler and revving like a dream with regular detailing. It’ll scrub away dust and dirt down to pesky leaks. After this little cleanse unleashes more power from within! You can expect a performance improvement.
Guarantee a higher resale value.
Make your car look fresh off the lot with our professional auto detailing services! We have a keen eye for market standards and customer preferences, so you’re sure to get top dollar when it comes time to sell. With us on board, your vehicle is guaranteed a higher resale value – an easy way to make extra cash!

It helps you as a car owner to:

Restore that happy feeling of driving a new car
You can relive the joy of driving a brand-new ride with car exterior detailing. Because sometimes even an old faithful needs some sprucing up. An immaculate vehicle is like your own personal calling card. It reflects your character and style in both business and pleasure life. After all, no one wants to hit the road with something that looks like it came straight out of Jurassic Park!
Improve safe driving
Not only does a car exterior detail make your ride look clean, but it can also help you stay safe on the road! Removing dust clouds blocking the vision will reduce the risk of an accident. And you’ll have one less thing to worry about while driving.If you remove the clouds of dust that block vision, the chances of causing an accident will decrease.
Save money
Keeping your car clean and detailed does more than give it a pretty face. Its effect on the longevity of your ride is well worth whatever you invest in sprucing up that exterior!

  • The life span gets extended.
  • Gas consumption goes down due to improved engine performance.
  • And headlight restoration means brighter lights for better road visibility.
All this adds up to one thing: fewer bucks spent on repair expenses later!
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